Middleton, Thomas

Middleton, Thomas
   He was born in London, the son of prosperous bricklayer, but there is confusion about his date of birth. The DNB and the National Portrait Gallery give 1570, while several others give 1580. He became renowned as a playwright and collaborated with Thomas Dekker (see entry), John Webster and others who wrote for the producer Philip Henslowe. He wrote and produced several lord mayor's pageants and other civic entertainments and in 1620 he was appointed city chronicler. His political satire (1625) A Game at Chess by the King's Players-in which Black King and his men, representing Spain and the Jesuits, are checkmated by the White Knight, Prince Charles (later Charles I)-offended the Spanish king. King James I suppressed further performances. Middleton was buried in the parish church of Newington Butts, Surrey. Some of his plays, from which his poems are derived: Women Beware Women, ?1621. The Changeling, 1622. A Tricke to Catch the Old-one, 1606. The Revenger's Tragedie, 1607. In a Mad World, My Masters, 1694. A Chast Mayd in Cheape-side, 1613. The Honest Whore, 1604 (with Dekker). The Old Law, 1618? (Philip Massinger [see entry] and William Rowley).
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